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Vita Go

Vita Boost

Our patented Vita Cap technology helps to preserve the phenomenal, uniqely formalted Vitamin infused Grape flavour of Vita Go.


Our Vita Go, Vita Boost Grape, has a naturally refreshing, juiceness, a combination of freshly picked signature dark and white grape flavours with bursting bright ripe sweetness.


Vita Boost not only tastes amazing it also has

Zero Sugar

Zero Preservatives


Our proprietary blend of 12 Active Vitamins are uniquely formulated with Vitamin's A, C, D, E and six Vitamin B's providing you with 100% Daily NRV!!


Vitamins B's are incredible little Ninja's playing many key roles in the body such as converting food into fuel, increasing ebergy throughout the day, enhancing your mood, improvement of memory, boosting skin and hair, and stimulating the immune system.




Enjoy The Natural Goodness

Live Healthy, Drink Healthy!!